Tough Tanks for a Tough Environment

Chemical injection is an integral component of any pipeline integrity program. The petroleum, oil & gas, and water treatment industries require a variety of chemical treatments to control various undesirable contaminants and prevent asset degradation. With a variety of chemicals comes a variety of challenges to store and dispense the chemicals. The chemical tank needs to be constructed of materials compatible with the chemical, and sized adequately to minimize refilling. Snyder offers a variety of tank sizes along with a variety of tank materials to ensure you have the right tank for each application.

Tailored tank solutions for challenging chemical injection applications:

• Hydrate Inhibitors
• Corrosion Inhibitors/Scavenger Products
• Surfactants/Cleaning/Wetting Products
• Foamers
• Speciality Chemicals
• Paraffin Inhibitors
• Defoamers/Antifoams
• Scale Control chemicals
• Water Clarifiers




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